Cornerstone ID

Affordable Biometric Solution Provider


Quality, experience, and affordability.

.Cornerstone Identity is a biometric startup company based on San Francisco Bay area, specialty in the personal biometric technologies and solutions. We have many years experinces in iris and face biometric technology and product development. The company's goal is to use innovative technology to produce the best products, make full use of the unique cost structure, to provide the best price products to our customers. We are currently integrating our iris technologies into mobile devices for the personal identification.

Face Reconition Camera
Iris Recogntion Device

We specialized in:


  • Smart sensing and machine learning technologies
  • High-throughput iris recognition technology
  • High performance embedded miniature system
  • Network communication from/to server/cloud
  • Face recognition in large population
  • Image analysis and algorithms development
  • High resolution camera development
  • High volume manufacture
Data Managment System

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