Cornerstone ID

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We offer a broad spectrum of embedded smart system and the latest sensing technologies. Our product line includes iris/face recognition system, high performed cameras , and network data management system range from the front-end camera to back-end server/cloud. 

ID Identification System


1)  Real-time intelligent vision / fast pattern recognition, mobile device image processing algorithms / chip industrialization

2) CPU and hardware image accelerator fusion system program

3) Feature segementation /feature extraction / matching are done in the module

4) System independent, convenient integration and rapid industrialization capacity


5) Fast and efficient iris decoding and matching algorithm



How iris recognition decryption is working for personal identity?


 The iris is a circular structure between the pupil and the sclera inside of the eye. From an optical point of view, the pupil is the aperture of the eye, and is responsible for controlling the amount of light reaching the retina. Each iris texture strip is complex, random, but unique and invariant. Iris recognition is the use of mathematical pattern recognition technology, the iris texture bar decoded into a long string of digital. A unique and constant password string is produced!

Data Management System


 1)  Efficient search, scalable, high speed, and reliable

2)  Multi-level data integrity and access protection

3)  be easy to choose, multi-tasking environment, has a wide range of database query capabilities

4)  technical interface data transmission is compliant and certified by international standard and is supporting  a variety of formats 

What is iris recognition technology?

Biometrics is a measure of human physiological and behavioral characteristics and uses these measurements to reliably distinguish a person, such as iris, fingerprints, palms, facial knowledge, DNA, retina, and so on.  Iris recognition is recognized as the most accurate and secure identification technology. For accurate and quick identification of identity, iris recognition has the strongest technical advantage.

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